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Digital Engineering

At Electric Azimuth we use technology to craft interactive digital designs, develop solutions in a virtual space throughout their development and lifecycle. From website design and development, video games, machine learning simulations to interactive mobile apps

Digital Twins

Digital twins are virtual models of physical objects or systems that are updated from real-time data and use simulation, machine learning, and reasoning to help decision making. They're linked to real data sources from the environment, which means that the twin updates in real time to reflect the original version. Digital twins enable engineers to explore possibilities and develop solutions in a virtual space, rather than relying on physical prototypes. They have greater ultimate potential to improve products and processes.

Digital Synthesis

We synthesize datasets from digital models to feed into machine learning models. In a digital environments we can synthesise data easier and faster with much more flexibility and avoid the rain. These datasets help us evaluate and validate approaches before going all in on an unproven solution. It allows a fast repeatable way to test configurations. In a recent project we tested camera positions, sensor types (colour, depth and lidar) while also capturing a ground truth footage for comparison, before expensive setups and testing in the real world.

Audio ai engineering

We are currently working on English text to singing models which we are aiming to use on delightful interactive entertainment. Allowing customisation of singing phrases and vocals which can adapt for each listener and their environment.


Often the first part of any project is creating a proof of concept, wether its a loose set of scripts plumbed together or digital 3d models simulations.
We often use C#, Python, Blender, Unity or Mujoco.

System Design

Once prototyping and proof of concepts have proven the approach we move onto looking at the business requirements and were they may move to in the future, attempting to author a overall system design that will be deliverable and flexible enough for future requirements.

User Experience

User experience testing is an essential part of the design process. It allows us to validate our approach and ensure that our designs are focused on the end user. By testing the interfaces, we can determine whether they are usable, abstracted, or granular, and make necessary adjustments to improve the overall user experience.

Agile and responsive

Project goals and aims can change and we fully understand business needs, we are agile and responsive to change

Why work with Electric Azimuth?

We are a small flexible team, giving your project the attention you need and want, we commit to your project until it is finished. You get consistency of working with the same dedicated team We get to knows and understands your business and goals

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find out more about the projects Electric Azimuth work on?

Substack is where we write our development log https://azimuth.substack.com/

What's your approach to web and mobile design

Mobile design is all about crafting intuitive designs tailored to the platform. For web design, the focus is on creating a lasting digital impact, while mobile design emphasizes seamless user engagement in a mobile-centric world. The distinct strategies for each platform ensure an optimal user experience, irrespective of the device used.

What's your approach to prototyping

Prototyping is crucial for visualizing the final product and gathering early feedback, and finding early on any show stopping issues. By creating working proof of concepts we get a far better understanding of the digital engineering issues we will face on our way to production. Prototyping transforms concepts into tangible (often clickable) visuals, bridging the gap between imagination and reality. This iterative process of prototyping, testing, and refining helps identify design issues early, saving time and resources in the long run.

Can you build me an AI model to do xxxxxx?

Electric Azimuth has experience in both building our own algorythms for machine learning, using the ones out in the wild and putting them into production environments. TLDR: Its possible, lets have a chat

Can you offer fixed prices?

Our design and development is an iterative process, where we regularly test and refine designs and deliverables to ensure that they meet the needs of your target audience. Often we can break down the process into phases which can be estimated, it works best when each cycle is highly focused on specific, measurable improvements with tight collaboration during design to drive product design in the right direction.

What's with the name?

the word azimuth originates from medieval Arabic as-samt meaning the way or direction. The azimuth is used to help get your bearings when navigating using the stars, moon or sun.